The King’s Trial

The King’s Trial will be an adventure game for the whole family. We are designing the game for 2-6 playersWe can’t tell you everything just yet, but expect an adventure with a lot of critters in it. And a good adventure game needs a dragon!

This is  game of light rules and a lot of interaction. You can help each other, but everyone wants to win the game so there will be a lot of chances to try and counteract the progress of your opponents.

The game has a board that is layed out differently each time you play. Here is a preview of our latest test version.



Our game is largely card driven. You will experience all kinds of events. 

We are happy that Molly Heady-Carroll has started her work on the illustrations. Here are the first examples of Event cards in the game.

The Heroes!

Our heroes will be some great critters like the Garden Door Mouse, Golden Mantled Ground Squirrle and the Norwegian Lemming.

They will be cartoon versions of the animals and will be more like humans. 

The artwork will be provided by Molly Heady-Carrol.  The pictures below show her nice critters. Expect a lot of these kind of illustrations in the game. Please visit her site: Click here! Here are some of her illustrations which triggered us to get her onboard.

We are working towards a launch on Kickstarter early 2021. So expect more news in the coming weeks and months!