Hi everyone,


What a week it has been. Everyone had to stay at home and try to let eveything function as normal as possible. The Hyena’s and the small Hyena’s have been in their lair together for 8 days in a row. Strange, fun and sad at the same time.

Through this post we would like to share our deepest sypathy with all those people who lost a loved one, have to miss family and feel lonely and of course the people who have been infected with Covid-19.

Also a big thank you for all those people who care for the sick, work on remedies and everyone taking care of the whole society in whatever way.

This weeks testing

The situation had one good thing to offer. The little testers couldn’t run away and play with other kids. So the test could easily take place. And it was a succesful test this week!

We had one big problem until now. We seemed to have developed a game for at least three hours!!! Much too long. This week we had a lot of changes to the game:

  • We had to rebalance the earnings and effects of event and help cards
  • We also developed two new elements to the game to keep things exciting
  • And mostly we did everything to shorten the game a bit

The findings:

  • Everything worked out brilliantly. We cut the playing time in half (although we have an option to lengthen the game if you like the die-hard experience)
  • We redesigned the cards of one group of cards and expect it to be even more fun (sorry this will still be a secret)

We also found time to play a lot of games

We loved Disney Villainous and Empires of the North this weekend. Here are some pictures of our play of these great games. We can really recommend these games for their replayability and fun.

Have a great week!!! Keep your distance and stay safe!


Play games!!!