The King knows he needs to select a heir to the throne. But he is not planning to leave the world anytime soon. He is certainly not going to wait and see!

“Call the guard!!!”

“I have a mission!”

He orders the guard to go into the lands to find the adventurers. Those who are worthy will earn my favor. Help the worthy….or those who can pay! Hahahaha……



We have been testing the new cards and rules. Good news, everything works! Our biggest worry at this time is the duration of the game. We still need to change a few things to get this right. 
Good news is that we will most likely add a die-hard rule. This will mean that it is possible to play a longer game if you prefer that.


Our facebook page achieved a new milestone. We had our first post reaching 100+ views. We are now going for a 100 followers! A big thank you to all of you!