An important step in the start of a company is it’s name. We are Laughing Hyena Games, but we didn’t think of that immediately. Actually Vincent thought of an Otter first. So we checked the existence of a few names with Otters in it. This was a bit of a shock for both of us. A lot of names were already in use or we didn’t like them.

So we had to go back to the drawing boards. Ilona came up with the Hyena. And this animal actually suited us! The Hyena is social and lives in groups of up to 80 of them. These groups are called clans. But mostly their famous LAUGH!

We decided to go for the Hyena and were looking for an Illustrator. After a few inspiring conversations we came upon Molly Heady-Carrol. Please look at her website!

We had a great meeting in which we decided to let her design our logo. We had a great feeling about her and if she would grasp our idea.

Here are her sketches.

We decided on the logo that is everywhere on our site. Molly clearly understood what we had in mind. A few changes and it turned in the logo we all know now.

We hope the world will see lot’s of Laughing Hyenas entering the gamerooms soon!